W5KI - Amateur Radio SSTV Cam on 14230.0 khz (or frequency shown)

SSTV Cam Disclaimer:  These images were received over internationally-allocated HF radio frequencies and automatically posted on this site.  If a transmission with obscene, distasteful, or nude content is received, we may not be able to stop the image from being posted. Fortunately, this does not happen often, due to FCC and international regulations. But the responsibility for such illegally transmitted content, rests entirely with the station which originated and transmitted such pictures over radio frequencies.

AUTO SLANT CORRECTION is set to OFF for all SSTV pictures received at this station.


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Location:  Near small town of Beaver, Arkansas 72613 USA. Station has ability to run multiple rigs.  We try to keep the SSTV Cam on a backup transceiver & antenna, monitoring 14230.0 mhz (or frequency shown).

Equipment:  Icom IC-7600, IC-7000, IC-765; Acom 1000 amplifier. Antennas:  Steppir BiggIR vertical (40m-10m); N-E & N-W 20m 2-el wire yagis; 160m, 80, 40m dipoles; M2 6M5X 6m yagi, 6m HB 4-el yagi (fixed SE); 9-el 2m yagi, KLM 27-el 70cm yagi.

SSTV Software:  MMSSTV 1.13A, iWatermark 3.1.6, Digi-Ftp 1.15.


Located in Carroll County

Eureka Springs, Arkansas 72631 USA

E-mail:  w5ki[at]aol[dot]com


W5KI Station Photo (as of Dec 2009)

36.5N, 93.8W (EM36cl)

Approximately 5 miles northwest of the town center.   On a hill above the point where White River becomes Table Rock Lake, near small town of Beaver, Arkansas.

(See QRZ.com photo)